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This livestreaming app centers on communication, rather than just streaming live to your friends or followers. You can stream what you’re doing or check on your friends, and your friends can answer back with a video of their own. Streams are watched live and there are no reruns, but streams can also be saved to your Meerkat Library; viewers can re-stream any stream; and everyone can watch any stream on the web. Viewers will be able to interact and comment on livestream and can even take over your stream if they want to.

The price depends on the feature list (if you want something different than Periscope’s features), project complexity, and platforms. Contact us to get a more accurate estimate based on your list of features. It works thanks to video streaming protocols like Real-Time Messaging Protocol , HTTP Live Streaming , HTTP Dynamic Streaming , MDash, or Smooth. You can see that there are a lot of details you should bear in mind to launch a competitive live-streaming app.


The Ultimate Rap League, Jay Blac, Tsu Surf, Tay Roc, Mike P, Ronnie, CaRtOoNz, and Ohmwrecker. Streaming so fast, you’ll enjoy the moment right when it happens.

YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more — we’ve got them all! Take your audience reach truly global by multistreaming with Restream.

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Livestream supports new users 24/7, which is very helpful at the beginning. Users who live-stream can receive gifts from their fans which can be redeemed for actual cash. Massive and various styles of broadcasting rooms for you to join and Chat freely. It is much easier to find your favorite personalities, musicians, artists and creators on this platform. To be honest, YouNow is an app which is not as popular as all the previous ones. Facebook Live is first periscope alternative you can consider in 2021.

It is popular among creative people like artists and musicians. Rated as one of the best live streaming apps, Uplive has a series of features that users can interact with. It has a huge user base that lets users interact with people across the globe. There’s a dedicated game center that you can hail to relieve stress such as The Jungle Adventure-Road of Gold and so on. Apart from that, users can use the real-time translation on a click that lets you interact with others without language being a barrier.

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There’s a live chat option that streamers can use to chat with their viewers or check out what they want to say. YouTube Live is filled with a huge catalog of features that the company usually updates pretty often. By the time you are reading this, YouTube might have added a few features for that matter. You can access it via YouTube via a webcam or its mobile app. You have greater control over the live stream such as adding encoders for gameplay. The streaming service lets you schedule your next live stream as well.

Therefore, the most obvious solution is to stabilize your live videos with the help of a tripod or selfie stick. Remember, viewers are really intolerant of poor-quality live streams. What makes it different from other livestreaming apps is that it allows users to add text, drawings, as well as visual and aural effects directly to their live video streams in real time. You can use the voice chat or video chat or even messaging feature within the app to communicate with others. Find someone to live stream with or find your favorite streamers to watch their content on the go.

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In the much wider hulls of recent US Navy submarines the two operate side-by-side. The observation scope, used to scan the sea surface and sky, typically had a wide field of view and no magnification or low-power magnification. The targeting or “attack” periscope, by comparison, had a narrower field of view and higher magnification. As of 2009 modern submarine periscopes incorporate lenses for magnification and function as telescopes. They typically employ prisms and total internal reflection instead of mirrors, because prisms, which do not require coatings on the reflecting surface, are much more rugged than mirrors.

A subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is a powerful live streaming and broadcasting app, especially for gamers. It is an amazing game live streaming platform where you can watch your favorite gamers stream their games, interact with them on a real-time basis. Many people will agree that there is no better interactive platform for gaming on the internet, than on Twitch TV. Like Facebook Live, the Live Stories feature comes baked into the default Instagram app. To broadcast a live video, just swipe over to the right in Instagram and tap on “Live” option. When you start a live stream on Instagram Live, your followers will automatically receive the notification informing them that you are live streaming. Now that you know what MVP features you need to build a Periscope-like live streaming app, let’s calculate how much the development of those features may cost.

A category for the Battle is selected (like best comedian, musician, dancer, etc…) and a time limit . The winner is the streamer who earns more diamonds by receiving gifts from the audience during the battle period. It’s a system of servers distributed all around the world and serving for transfering media files. In short, it lets users view high-quality live streams at low latency and without freezes. It goes without saying that streaming apps must notify users when people they’re following go live or when important events happen nearby. Your viewers can pay money to send you Super Hearts during your live streams. However, you need to apply for Periscope’s Super Broadcaster Program.

While the service is pretty spectacular, there will be times when even the Periscope community won’t be able to provide you with the live entertainment that you seek. That’s why we decided to hunt down the best Periscope alternatives and bring you the best of the best. Enjoy the live streaming sites below to instantly watch live webcams and all sorts of amusing things happening right now worldwide. Periscope has revolutionized the industry by allowing just about anyone to stream just about anything on webcam in real time. You can listen to live political debates, watch a girl apply makeup or even enjoy live NFL games from the 50 yard line.

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Thinking about building your own Live Streaming service like Twitch or Periscope? Live Streaming Apps built with Cameleon™ are the most popular, customizable livestreaming apps for broadcasting live to RTMP media servers and major social networks…. During our initial years we‘ve already managed to create a platform that was widely approved by the artist community. Ditch the capture cards and stream keys – Mobcrush is all you need to live stream your mobile games.

In Periscope, there is not much information on this screen. Now that you’re aware of the core features, let’s consider other basic functionality like signup fintech industry that your Periscope-like app should definitely have. Once users go live, they’re displayed on a global map unless they choose a private stream in settings.

This will make your streams discoverable on the global map for any Periscope user. Currently, you can broadcast on Periscope via an Apple device (iOS 11+) or an Android device (Android OS 5.0+), and you can watch live streams like periscope directly from your browser. There are some other cool options at your disposal, which we will describe later on. With this promo code, you can get access to all Restream paid features for 7 days absolutely for free.

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Periscope allows you to have one clickable link in your profile, which is better than nothing. You can use this link to get some money from affiliate marketing. When promoting any product, make sure you direct your viewers to this link. Of course, you need to establish a decent audience beforehand to attract companies and make affiliate deals. First things first, you need to download the app on your phone.

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You will be able to get tips for virtual coin from other viewers and broadcasters on this network. Grow & Win with Filmora Get inspired and grow as an editor!

  • If you own a GoPro, then you can live to stream your activity through the app without any trouble.
  • People are engaged in their devices for most of the time during the day and night.
  • Different from Facebook Live, Live stream on Instagram live is treated the same way a story is, vanishing after 24 hours rather than being saved and available for followers for later viewing.
  • While we may take our advanced communication technologies for granted at times, we certainly can’t get enough of them.

The best thing about Twitch is that you can play both single and multiplayer games for endless hours. It is a powerful live streaming and broadcasting app, especially for gamers. Yes, Twitch is synonymous among gamers with hundreds of broadcasters going live to show their gameplay & more. The like periscope app available on both iOS and Android lets you watch live streaming free or on-demand. There’s more to the app such as the broadcasters can create mini-games, quizzes, and more. Socialize in a new style with Livestream, the app lets you stream where your family, friends, and others can watch.


Share in the joy and fun of rooting for top streamers as they play the world’s biggest games. Here, you can play games like periscope instantly, and join groups centered around everything you are interested The ways to have fun are countless.

This live streaming app has a significant benefit that it is built on the social networking site itself. Official SiteMixer is definitely one of the main Periscope competitors when it comes to live streaming sites. They have thousands of live channels with millions of registered users. They specialize in gaming communities, but you will get to listen in on all sorts of fun streams with most gamers talking about all sorts of subjects. Plus, if you’re a fan of sites like Twitch, you’re going to fit right in with this crowd. You can sort the live streams by the people hosting each channel or you can even filter by specific game being played, making it a truly addictive and easy to use streaming website online.

downtime recently, and if you’re one to go berserk when the ‘Internet is broken’ you might want to arm yourself with other livestreaming apps just in case Periscope goes down again. Using favorites allows you to follow your favorite live streamers and see when they come online. Users can connect with any of the thousands of chat rooms available and make new friends. Complete a daily streak to get virtual gifts for free or check out the virtual store to buy gifts you can give others. It is free of charge which means you don’t have to pay even a penny for both domestic and international calls and chats. A self-hosted video streaming and recording server using Python, Flask and Nginx-RTMP.

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